Who We Are

Bite Pharma (Pty) Ltd is South African born pharmaceutical company. Established in 2019 as a small Pharmaceutical consultancy company by a pharmacist, Denver Wicomb

Bite Pharma serves to offer the starting pharmaceutical companies the opportunity to access decades of experience in both regulatory and sales in order to make your project a reality.  We offer cost-effective solutions to projects and licensing opportunity for you as an individual. Small Pharmaceutical companies in most cases cannot afford to appoint staff or responsible pharmacist and full-time regulatory staff.

Bite Pharma is there to fill the gap.

  • A focussed approach to project development.
  • Passion in what we do.
  • Direct follow up.  You are not just an entry on the balance sheet of over-capacitated regulatory companies.
  • Networking puts you in the front seat with all the industry leaders out there.

High Quality Standards

We pride ourselves in delivering projects of highest standards in line with the South African legislation. We follow all the requirements of a Section 22 registered pharmaceutical company

Educated & Experienced Team

Our pharmacists have decades of experience in the pharmaceutical industry with expertise ranging from registration of medicines, product launches and new business development.

Modern Business Solutions

With the rise of Covid-19, the company has resorted to a work from home operation. Meetings are arranged via web-hosted conference sessions and a full roll-out project plan is developed.

Inspection & Accreditation

The company offers inspection services and self-audits and in-house experience of product life-cycle updates.  We also have our own brands that follow the same regulatory framework.

Our Services

New Business Development

We can assist you in developing your product.  We also act as your research partner and assist private label organisations to source and develop their own brands.  We have international partnerships that allow us to source pharmaceutical dossiers according to you required dosage form.
Package insert (PI) and Product Information Leaflet (PIL) design.

Graphic Design

We design thee look and feel of cartons, shippers, promotional items etc. to form part of your branding and strategy.

Marketing Campaigns

If you need an important campaign to be manageed and

Branding & Rebranding

Don’t let your brand become stale.  It you are not adapting to change and keeping in trend, you are about to die.

Social Media Marketing

Bite Pharma and its regulatory partners are fully committed to marketing products in line with the Marketing Code of South Africa. We contract to companies to assist in signing off and approval of their marketing materials in-line with current regulations.


BITE PHARMA assists in registration of your products within South and Southern Africa. We ourselves or in partnership with regulatory partners will advise you in the best partner should you wish to use us to license your products.

Don’t decrease there goal. Increase the effort!

-Bite Pharma®-

Why Work With Us

25 years of experience in the Pharma Industry.

Consider your partners carefully.  Our managing director has experience in all fields of pharmacy for more than 2 decadres.

If we are unsure about offering you the best service, we refer you to the best partner.  That is our assurance to you.

Bite Pharma is a reputable firm that works hand in hand with partners to deliver on all the requirements of doing business in the South African Pharmaceutical Environment,

If we cannot do the work ourselves, we refer you to the best partners at no cost. WE BUILD BRANDS AND BUSINESSES.

We keep updated.

Regulations are forever changing.

We keep updated with relevant regulations applicable to SAHPRA and the registration of medicines and medical devices in South Africa.

Professional team


We have trusted relationships with most major players in the pharmaceutical industry in South Africa,


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Miriam Gray – regular customer

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John Doe – regular customer

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Alex White – regular customer

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James Swift – regular customer

Our reputation is the proof!

Our Team

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Latest News


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